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404 Joke Not Found

Is it Solipsistic in here, or is it just me? Idea & Art by Kriss If you like our comics we think you’ll love the Fresh Air Podcast

Voice Of The Unheard.

Quiet Riot (not the band) Idea and Script – MartijnArt – Kriss

The Ultimate Karen

Is this hypocrisy? It seems like hypocrisy.

If you like our comics we think you’ll love the Fresh Air Podcast

Dude, roll up another one!

I think, therefore I am, therefore…

Kantian Insomnia

Ethically Sourced Human

The Only Thing Cured By Homeopathy Is Prosperity

What Is Homeopathy? The first thing that we must do when addressing this topic is to explain what Homeopathy actually is. A common misconception about Homeopathy is that it is synonymous with Herbalism and natural remedies, but this couldn’t be further from the case. Herbalism is the use of naturally occurring plants in treatment for…

What Is Bigotry? The Difference Between What Makes Us A Person, And What Makes Us A Human.

What Is Bigotry? Time and time again in group discussion (mostly online, thankfully) I get accused of being a bigot, or engaging in bigotry. Of course, this label would upset anybody. But those of us in the same position as me, quite possibly even more so. We are those who are accused of bigotry, not…

Which Atheist Arguments Should We Stop Using?

Introduction. Previously I have written an article that lists and explains some Common Theistic Fallacies that are often brought up in arguments. As an atheist who is active in several online debate and discussion groups, they are things that I see with exceptional regularity. However, it is unfair to think that it is only the Theists…