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Fresh AiR – Season 2 – Ethics and Morality

Wow, what a season that was. We’ve discussed personhood, morality, moral theories, Nietzsche’s critique of morality, free will, a conversation about objective vs subjective morality, ethics in politics, etc. The Fresh AiR Crew Hosts / Co-hosts Davidian/Joe Joe has continued to ask a number of questions that have left the guys wondering if he really is a thick as he seems. They have to allow him to be there though, otherwise, there isn’t anyone to do the production or hosting….

On Morality: Part 1 – Defining Our Terms

Welcome to part one of the series On Morality. In this short series of articles, we will cover the topic of objective and subjective morality, how the various terms are used, and the pros and cons for each stance. This series is a follow on, and supplement to, Davidian’s excellent article on objective morality posted previously, as well as episode three of the Fresh AiR podcast….

Objective / Subjective – Morals / Morality – Conflated and Misunderstood Terms – Volume 3

This article is to define and discuss objective and subjective, morals and morality. As with any article on AiR we don’t always agree. Where science is concerned and the evidence is irrefutable we of course accept and believe it to be true. When it is opinion or something philosophical we may have differences. As such I am glad we have a philosophy masters student in our midst. He has helped me bridge the gap between some ideas and misconceptions I…