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Free Will & Determinism

I have spent a lot of time thinking about free will and determinism, and a fair bit reading others thoughts on it too. I’ve been trying to sift through my own thoughts on the matter because I am still mostly agnostic towards the whole thing though I do lean towards a form of compatibilism that I am unsure if anyone has thought of in the same way, though it is likely many minds greater than mine have considered these things…

Could a “virtual particle chaos” explain the origin of the universe?

In preparing to write the Deplosion series, I wanted to give my ideas as deeply scientific a basis as I could. My formal university training was in Computing Science and then in Molecular Biology and Genetics, so I’m no cosmologist. But Cosmology and Quantum Physics have always been hobbies of mine (begin “geek” comments now) so I thought I’d do my best to make a plausible hypothesis. I found two sources to be amazingly helpful in putting these ideas together….

Much Ado About “Nothing” – A universe from an observed spontaneous occurrence!!

Something from perceived nothing   The debate on what “nothing” is rages on. Philosophers and physicists lock horns against each other, and then there is also in camp arguing between the physicists and of course between the philosophers. The experts cannot seem to agree. So what is the problem? It is just empty space, right? Uh oh, then the space that the nothing is in is something. Damn and blast!! OK that needs a rethink. So let’s say that Zero…

William Lane Craig 5 arguments for god debunked part 1 of 5

William Lane Craig 5 arguments for god debunked Excerpts of Craig’s essay will appear in italics below and I will be addressing his points in turn below each italic section, in separate paragraphs outlining problems with his arguments. He kicks off with the Cosmological argument after a short foreword from himself   The full essay can be read here William Lane Craig is Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, California. He has authored over thirty books….

Can science be trusted?

In my previous article I covered all that we can possibly know, and declared that science is the best way to separate fact from fiction- i.e. to make our internal map of reality (practical reality) as accurate as possible. This article explores why science can be trusted, frequent criticisms of science, and its limitations. Starting from scratch As children we believe what we’re told. The faster we learn, the more likely we are to survive. It is more important to learn…