Patreon Answers in Reason
Patreon Answers in Reason

As I am sure you are well aware if you have followed our blog over the years, we are a misfit bunch of internet folks that enjoy philosophy, science, and discussing beliefs.

Over the years we got bored with having the same conversations and started writing articles about them to further conversations we were having and iron out our own thoughts on topics.

We also started doing the FRESH AIR PODCAST! This has been super fun and allowed us authors to gel together into a proper team.

So why start a Patreon Page?

We have set up this page to help with server costs and buy new equipment to make our podcasts sound even better.

Check it out here:

So what does that mean for you?

We intend to bring you a number of exclusives and features that make your AiR experience even better. These will be things like:

  1. Access to the podcasts before the official release
  2. Unedited access to the podcasts way before release
  3. The ability to listen in live to the podcasts
  4. Patreon only episodes and articles
  5. Merchandise only available to or patrons
  6. Gifts
  7. Access to articles as they are being written (be part of the peer review)

So what if I don’t want to join Patreon?

With the exception of a few exclusive items, all our finalised work will be available for free on the AiR Site. Our goal was not to take from you, but to allow you to offer something if you think we are worthy of your support.

We would love to be able to do videos, podcasts, and articles all day every day, but we have families to feed, jobs to attend to etc., so everything is done “when we can”.

We have found some members prefer the “unedited” versions of the podcast and like to listen in live, where others prefer to wait for the finished product. Either is cool with us, we do it because we love it, we just hope enough people will love what we do so that we can turn it into a full-time gig.

Our Patreon Tiers explained

Tier 1 provides basic access to the community. 

Here you will see any of our private blog posts, memes, and anything else we share just to our Patreon.

Tier 2 gives early access

Before we release our articles and podcasts to the public, you get access as soon as they are produced. 

Josh wearing an AiR T-Shirt (Answers in Reason)
One of our patrons, Josh, modelling his lovely AiR T-Shirt

Tier 3 gives enhanced access

We will give you the podcast server address with the ability to listen in to the conversation live, and message us whilst on AiR.

You will receive access to the podcasts before they have been edited. The raw show, including any faux pas, and none of the after-show additions like the soundbytes

And lastly, we will send you an AiR T-shirt (Free Delivery inside UK, £5 worldwide)

Tier 4 gives pro access

As a dedicated fan we not only give you all the above (plus free delivery on the AiR T-Shirt World Wide) and additional exclusive content but also we have a circa 30 minute interview, finding out about your life and interests, and what you hope to gain from the community.

There will also be additional gifts from time to time, clothing, mugs, etc. 

Tier 5 gives the Apex of Access

You get all the previous benefits PLUS you get to suggest and cohost a topic for Fresh AiR. (The topic does have to be running with the theme of Fresh AiR, e.g. a Philosophical/Scientific angle of sorts)

Our Tiers may change in the future, but no one should ever lose any of their access if they do, we just might rename and add to them. 

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