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Internal and External Truth

Let’s just think about truth value for a second. I mentioned that there is no real external truth value with something subjective, but what do I mean by that?

An external truth value is something that is true, regardless of what people think.

The shape of the Earth, if a god exists, the Earth being covered in about 71% water etc. All of these things will be true (or false) regardless of anyone’s opinion. We may not know if they are true or not (like if a god exists) and only have an opinion on the matter, but they will still be true (or false).

An internal truth value, aka subjective truth, doesn’t entail truth about the external world, but it is still true for you. If I like drum and bass, it is true that I like drum and bass.. that doesn’t mean you will or anything, but equally, your opinion of drum and bass won’t change my preference. If I think drum and bass is the best music ever, it is true that I think drum and bass is the best music ever, it doesn’t mean that it actually is the best music ever. Even for others, it is true that it is my preference or opinion, but it isn’t true that my preference or opinion is everyone’s. So my preference is still an objective truth to others, and their differing preferences won’t change mine, but it doesn’t make it externally true. So, whilst an internal truth is something that is true, it is a descriptor of an opinion or preference. It is true that I hold this opinion. The truth value has no practical application other than just describing a preference. There is no right or wrong, just opinions.

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