subjectively wrong

So Can Something Be Subjectively Wrong?

If it wasn’t obvious from the statements so far, if something is subjective there is no real right and wrong, it is all internalised opinions with no standard to work against. The only way I suppose you could be subjectively wrong is if you think you like something but don’t actually.

In situations like those, we’d be a bit worried that one might be a tad deluded. Sure, tastes changed, but the second you realise that you change your mind about your preference. We wouldn’t maintain a preference that we liked something that we didn’t, would we?

So, its wrong for anything subjective to be called wrong. We can say it is not in accord with our own standard, or that we don’t agree with it, but something subjective has no external truth value and therefore is not appropriate to say it is wrong. It might “feel wrong” but it can’t “be wrong”.

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