fresh air season 1
fresh air season 1

Hello, and welcome to Fresh AiR! – I’m Joe…
Words you will have heard a few times if you have already started listening to season one.

What is Fresh AiR?

‘Fresh AiR’ is a podcast, hosted by Joe, Martijn and Dave. It is part of Answers in Reason but hopes to bring a fresh perspective on a number of topics you might hear from the atheist community.

Who are involved in Fresh AiR?

The short answer is anyone that wants to be.

Hosts / Co-hosts

Joe Banana Phone


As the shows host and producer Joe asks a number of stupid questions to further the conversation. This pleases Joe as it keeps the guys guessing as to whether he’s good at asking questions or is genuinely that stupid.



Dave is a Philosophy masters student. At the ripe old age of 84 he is still young enough to find Cilla Black attractive.


Martijn/Artificial Agent

Martijn loves ethics & philosophy and is constantly looking for uranium. Alas, he hasn’t got the intelligence to do either dye to his brain being exposed to radiation. He is stronger than those pesky humans, though!



Kriss is one of the founders of AiR, and joined us from episode 4 on-wards. Having long wanted to do a podcast was eager for the opportunity and gladly wears a tiara during every episode.




Andy is one of AiR’s editors and has been subjected to Joe’s friendship for the last 5 years. Andy managed to survive our discussion on Morality, and joined us for the last 2 episodes as well, hopefully returning next season in a more permanent role.

The Last AiR Meetup


Along with our guests we figured we’d mention a few of the folks who either asked questions, inspired topics, shared religiously, or featured some way in the shows:

  • Steve McRae
  • Josh Searching
  • Shane Corbet
  • Darth Killa
  • Brent Smith
  • Ozymandias Ramses II
  • BitaKarma

Thanks folks, you’ve inspired us to keep on going!

A Different Lens


Season 1 of Fresh AiR brings you a number of concepts you’ve heard discussed before, but breaks away from the unthinking tribal rhetoric you usually hear on them.

Many of us have got tired with folks that are supposed to be “sceptics” not applying scepticism, using faulty arguments and definitions, and never truly reassessing their opinion.


  1. Atheists and Atheism
  2. The Problem of Evil
  3. Morality
  4. Scepticism
  5. Belief, Truth and Knowledge
  6. Reason and Rationality

Ways to listen in and subscribe

If you would like to subscribe using a podcast service instead of listening off the site directly we are available on a number of different outlets, from Spotify to iTunes.

Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play | Spotify | Podplayer

You can find us in most podcast outlets, but I thought I’d provide links to the main ones.

What is in store for Season 2?

Fresh AiR Season 2 is focused on Ethics and Morality – covered lightly in episode 3 of season one we take a deeper look into ethics and morality, normative ethical systems, political ethics, person hood etc.

Make sure you listen to S01:E03 before you listen to season 2, as it will give you a fair grounding of the subject.

I would also check out the below articles:

Feel free to post any questions for the upcoming season in the comments here, via email to or over to the Fresh Air twitter account @Fresh_AiR_PC.

Feedback from Listeners

Having expected hate mail we are surprised to have only got good feedback. Not just from friends and family but folks like Steve McRae.