Crisp AiR – GTKU – Philosophy of Joe

Crisp AiR - Philosphy of Joe

Crisp AiR is an off shoot of Fresh AiR from us folks at Answers in Reason. The first season is a round robin of interviews where you can get to know a bit more about us and what we want from Fresh AiR! Season 2 will be getting to know … Continue reading

Off AiR – Philosophy of Fight Club

philosophy of fight club

Off AiR is the entertainment offshoot from the Fresh AiR team. Whilst we are prepping the next season of Fresh AiR (previous season can be found here) we will be bringing you a number of different shows based around the entertainment industry. Shhh, we can’t talk about it (Fight Club) … Continue reading

Fresh AiR – S01:E06 – Reason and Rationality

fresh air S01E06 - Reason and Rationality

In the last episode of the season we thought it prudent to cover reason as it is our namesake. What better to pair with reason, other than rationality? Show Contents We have a full house tonight, with Dave, Martijn, Kriss, Andy and Joe in tow. Definitions Reasons to believe, and … Continue reading

Fresh AiR – S01:E05 – Belief, Truth, and Knowledge

Fresh Air S01E05 belief knowledge and truth

Tonight, we are going to discuss Belief, Knowledge and Truth, and how they can interact with each other and reality. Definitions of Belief, Truth, and Knowledge Belief A proposition you accept as/believe to be true. This does not define whether the belief is rational or not, nor does it define … Continue reading

Fresh AiR – S01:E04 – Scepticism

fresh air S01E04 Scepticism

Tonight we introduce one of the founders of AiR, Kriss, as a regular Co-Host to Fresh AiR. We delve into scepticism, to find out what it really is. We look in to the key behaviors of a sceptic and when we have failed as sceptics ourselves. Contents of Scepticism A … Continue reading

Fresh AiR – S01:E03 – Morality

Morality fresh air S01E03

Tonight we delve in to Morality, exploring; The Correct Definitions of Subjective and Objective What is meant by Morality, and what its purpose is How we apply morality in a normative sense The difference between normative and descriptive examinations of morality Arguments for and against Subjective morality Articles Related to … Continue reading

Fresh AiR – S01:E02 – The Problem of Evil

fresh air S01E02 - The problem of evil

Welcome to Fresh AiR! In tonight’s episode we discuss the “Problem of Evil” – A philosophical argument against the Abrahamic Omni Deity. We also tested a new way of recording that seems to have worked a little better than episode 1, but we are still not 100% there. Topics Covered … Continue reading

Fresh AiR – S01:E01 – Atheism and Atheists

fresh air S01E01 Atheism

Welcome to the first Fresh AiR Podcast! We got together to do a sound check and after half an hour of laughing and discussing various topics we decided to just hit record and enjoy the conversation! As such, this show is a little bit of a mish mash so please … Continue reading

Homeopathic Vets and Anti-Vax Owners – AIR S01E01

homeopathy doesnt work for animals either

Welcome to the Answers In Reason Podcast – Season 1 Episode 1 – Homeopathic Vets! What can we find in this episode about homeopathic vets? In the first episode of the season we interview a vet, Dr. Lord 32, and discuss: What it took to become a Vet What it … Continue reading

Common Theistic Fallacies


‘Common Theistic Fallacies’ was not only one of Kriss Pyke’s first articles on Answers In Reason but one of the very founding articles. Podcasting I’ve been eager to get back in to podcasting and radio and felt ‘Common Theistic Fallacies’ a great article to start on. Answers in Reason will be … Continue reading