COVID19 Coronavirus
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COVID 19 - Fresh AiR Special
COVID19 Coronavirus

COVID 19 – The Pandemic

Tonight we bring you the first Fresh AiR Special discussing the COVID 19 pandemic.

We recorded this on the 1st of April and wanted to get it to you as soon as possible, so my apologies for this not being as polished as our usual podcasts.

Our discussion included

  • Our initial thoughts and reactions.
  • The Behaviour of the average person through all of this
    • People not observing social distancing
    • People not adhering to lockdown – treating it like a holiday
    • People suggesting it would be better for everyone to just get it
  • What the government is going to push through because of this
  • The behaviour of the government after this
  • Implications of the above
  • The behaviour of people after lockdown
  • Why lockdown was necessary
  • Why lockdown was needed before it was declared
  • Johnson’s lacklustre response to all of this
  • Trump’s behaviour during this
  • The behaviour of sceptics going around saying things like ‘it’s just a cold’, ‘it’s not even anything to be worried about’, and that kind of thing
  • The ethics of various things surrounding the epidemic

How’s it going for you?

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Whatever your situation, we hope you are safe, well, and looking after your family.

As we discussed on the show, here is the link for people in the U.K. who are considered extremely vulnerable, to get deliveries of essentials.

Stay safe. Stay indoors.