Crisp AiR - Philosphy of Joe
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Fresh AiR
Crisp AiR - GTKU - Philosophy of Joe
Crisp AiR - Philosphy of Joe

Crisp AiR is an off shoot of Fresh AiR from us folks at Answers in Reason.

The first season is a round robin of interviews where you can get to know a bit more about us and what we want from Fresh AiR!

Season 2 will be getting to know you! – That’s right we will be interviewing our audience on AiR.

Philosophy of Joe

In this first episode Trolley Dave interviews Davidian (Joe) about his rekindled interest in Philosophy and the symbiotic nature with Science.

Joe’s articles

Joe (Davidian) has written a number of different articles for AiR. They range in length, topic, and quality.

Many of his older were based on religion and science vs pseudo science. More recently he has been focused on both philosophy and correcting faulty arguments in the sceptic community.

Click here for his articles.

He is dyslexic, so if you do notice any SPG errors in his articles the editors have missed, he is most grateful if you can point them out with correction.

Other info on Joe

Joe is the primary user of the Answers in Reason Twitter account so it is most likely you are talking to him if you are speaking on twitter.

He is also the one that fronts up, maintains, server & domain costs which is why we started a Patreon for early access, exclusives, gifts etc.