freedom podcast episode
Answers In Reason
Answers In Reason
Freedom - Fresh AiR - S02:E05:C05
freedom podcast episode

What is Freedom?

  • Types of Freedom
    – Political
    – Personal
  • Is freedom a natural right or a political right?
  • Primary definitions of (political) freedom
    • Freedom From (religion, violence, government interference)
    • Freedom to (be religious, masturbate, get an education)
    • Freedom of (speech, movement, expression, choice)
  • Satrean Freedom is apolitical – “physically free to do whatever”
  • Freedom misconceptions (e.g. absolute/unrestricted freedom or “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants”)
  • Why this form of freedom is self-defeating / issues with unrestricted freedom
  • The difference between freedoms and rights

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