fresh air S01E04 Scepticism
Fresh AiR
Fresh AiR
Fresh AiR - S01:E04 - Scepticism

Tonight we introduce one of the founders of AiR, Kriss, as a regular Co-Host to Fresh AiR. We delve into scepticism, to find out what it really is. We look in to the key behaviors of a sceptic and when we have failed as sceptics ourselves.

fresh air S01E04 Scepticism

Contents of Scepticism

  • A brief history of AiR.
  • What is Scepticism?
  • Types of Reasoning.
  • Key behaviours of a sceptic.
  • Specific forms of scepticism.
  • Human Reason and Other Sources.
  • Are most sceptics still sceptics?

Useful Articles

Reading List / References

Below are a selection of different books and other references to help you understand more on the topic of scepticism.

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Next week we delve deep into belief, knowledge, and truth.

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