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Fresh AiR
Fresh AiR - Season 2 - Preseason!

Hello and welcome to the Fresh AiR Preseason!

I’m Joe, also known as Davidian on Answers in Reason and I thought I would just walk you through what you can expect from Season 2, and inform you about our Patreon site.

Season 2 is all about Ethics and Morality, covering topics like personhood, moral theories, the objective vs subjective debate, free WILL and much more!

Josh wearing an AiR T-Shirt (Answers in Reason)
One of our patrons, Josh, modelling his lovely AiR T-Shirt

We’ve currently recorded most of the season and it is in production, but if you can’t wait we have the raw unedited versions available on our Patreon which get put up pretty much as soon as they are recorded for our 3rd tiers and up, or early access to the final cuts of our episodes for tier 2 an up. We also offer exclusives such a T-shirts and listening in live all available at

More info at:

This season we have tried to do a few different things, not only did we stick to one large overarching topic but we experimented with a few longer episodes as well as splitting our second episode into 12 smaller chapters, most around 30 minutes long.

Feedback and Social Networking

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We would love to receive some feedback from you, you can contact us in the comments of the site, on Twitter, Facebook, our debate group, or even record a message directly to us using our SPEAK PIPE on the site. Just look to the right-hand side of the site: and find the box that says “Send us a message” click the button that says “Start Recording”

Thank you!

As always folks, thank you so much for your listens, support, encouragement, and shares across the web. We hope you are going to love season 2!

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