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Justice - Fresh AiR - S02:E05:C04
  • What is Justice? (e.g. is it simply fairness?)
    • Cardinal Virtue / First Virtue of Social institutions
    • Kantian JusticeThe preservation of human dignity, respecting a person as ends in themselves rather than a means to an end.
    • Rawlsian Justice (aka Distributive Justice)The fair and equal distribution of goods
      This includes more than just physical goods
      • Rights
      • Protections
      • Education
    • Platonic JusticeThe idea that three parts of society, workers, leaders, guardians, work together in order to produce a fair society
      (Did Douglas Adams reference this with the race that got rid of the 1/3 of their workforce they regarded as useless, telephone sanitisers and hairdressers and the like? How interesting that in this pandemic so many of the folks we would regard as “useless minimum wage workers” and now considered “essential”)
    • Aristotelian Justice – distributive and commutive
    • Utilitarian JusticeThe consequence of the action defines whether something is just or not – e.g. does it maximise utility?
      Similar to the Moral Theory we have already covered about maximising pleasure/happiness and minimising pain/suffering. Does utilitarian justice equivocate what is moral is just and what is immoral is unjust or is there more to it than that?
    • Justice as a form of fairness
    • Nozick’s “Entitlement Theory”Peoples ability to live their lives and trade freely without interference
  • How is justice used?

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