Knowledge and Certainty
Knowledge and Certainty

Knowledge and Certainty

Tonight’s chapter continues from the last on ‘Propositional Logic and Beliefs‘ but can be taken as its own entity.

Like our last chapter this is also available as a AUDIO podcast, and we have a PDF with all the information provided in said video.

So what’s included in tonight’s show?

  • Theories of Knowledge
    • Justified True Belief
    • Coherence Theory
    • Fallibilism
    • Verificationism
    • Positivism
    • Colloquial Definitions (and their issues)
  • What Counts as Justification?
  • Examples of Justification
  • Types of Certainty
    • Psychological
    • Epistemic
    • Moral
  • False Certainty / Perception of Knowledge
  • Justified vs Unjustified
  • How Knowledge and Certainty can tie in with Propositional Logic
  • Theories of Knowledge and Theological Arguments
    • Kalam Cosmological Argument
    • Teleological Argument (aka argument from design)
    • Ontological Argument
  • Moral Certainty/Knowledge
Watch this video on YouTube.

If you would rather see the Audio, check this post here!