Fresh AiR SciPhi - Youtube Show
Fresh AiR SciPhi - Youtube Show

Tonight we had a discussion of new atheism and new atheists with Ozymandias Ramses II, both from the conception of the term and what it was meant to describe to how it now often used as an insult to a particular group of atheists who demonstrate a number of negative behaviours.

The conversation covered but was not limited to:

  • Preferred Definition of Atheism
  • So What was New Atheism?
  • What does New Atheism describe today (or at least how do people use it)?
  • What are the behaviours of the “New Atheist”?
  • Why do many atheists assert there is no such thing as new atheism?
  • Questions from the Audience

Questions from the Audience

Steve S asks: Why do proponents of the “lack belief” definition of atheism seem so resistant to reason? Do you believe they are afraid of defending that they don’t believe that god exists?

Martijn Asks: What’s your (Ozy’s) opinion on who is often said to replace Hitchens; Ayaam Hirsi Ali

Martijn also Asks: What’s your opinion on the accusations launched at Sam Harris of being a fascist, racist or simply not caring about the lives of Muslims abroad?

Kriss Asks: What do you think atheists could do to improve the perception of atheists and atheism whilst still speaking out against irrational religious practices and beliefs?

Andy Asks: What are the worst arguments you hear atheists making on the internet?

Alan G Asks: Do you think it is actually possible for someone to truly hold a psychologically agnostic stance without some form of a neurological issue?

Alan G also Asks: Where is the line between ‘new atheists’ as those who simply believe gods do not exist and are vocal about their position whilst promoting critical thinking and rationalism, and the New ‘New Atheists’ who are evangelicalesque in promoting atheism as the more ‘rational;’ position to hold whilst demeaning superstitions and any supernatural explanations of experiences?

Real Atheology: This is a great analysis, I wonder if Ozy could share some differences between New Atheists and Contemporary Atheist Analytic Philosophers like Mackie, Oppy and J.H. Sobel?

Real Atheology:

  1. The best books defending Theism, and the best theist philosophers/defenders of Theism
  2. The best books defending Atheism, and the best Atheist philosophers/defenders of Atheism.
    Josh: how do you feel about Street Epistemology?

Adam: Why does Matt D use the lacktheist definition?

Adam also asks: Have you seen/What do you think of Steve’s WASP argument? –


Ozy’s page:

Real Atheology:

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