S02E01 - Personhood - Fresh Air
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Answers In Reason
Personhood - Fresh AiR - S02:E01
S02E01 - Personhood - Fresh Air

What is Personhood?

What is personhood? How do we define it? Who or what does personhood apply to? Tune in to the podcast to find out more!

Aspects of Personhood

  • Life – intrinsic value
  • Physical Feeling, from basic reactionary feeling to a variety of physical stations
  • Awareness
  • Memory
  • Emotional Feeling
  • Self Awareness
  • Reasoning Skills (rational, logical, conceptual etc)
  • Continuity
personhood pyramid

Definition of Life

We accept that this is still debated by biologists but using some very basic parameters we define life as:

  • That which grows
  • That which takes upon nutrients (a form of energy exchange)

We also include, in general, the ability to (although not necessary for individuals)

  • reproduce

Personhood in animals

  • Do animals qualify for personhood?
  • Should we be vegetarians or vegans?
  • Is more harm caused by farming other crops than eating animals?

Other topics in the Personhood Episode Include

  • Should we award ecosystems personhood?
  • Are rights granted simply by having personhood
  • Nationalism
  • Identity
  • Generalisations
  • Thought experiment around diminished personhood
  • Further thought experiments
  • Fallacy of the Week
  • Spotlight of the Week

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