Case for God, Burden of Proof

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This particular page is going to be for folks claiming that either non-belief

There is no such thing as “reasoned non-belief”

I saw this on twitter as I was writing this article. I figured that perhaps I could get a rational argument out of this person who claimed all non-belief was not “reasoned”

Reasoned non-belief - rational, irrational.

So let’s analyse this shall we?

No such thing as reasoned non-belief

The opening statement is false, but I didn’t call him out on it because I wanted to have a conversation.

What he probably meant was “well reasoned” and “logical” because almost everyone who doesn’t believe in deities has used their reasoning skills to come to that conclusion. Some might have used faulty reasoning but that doesn’t mean it is not reasoned.

God is not a god

And then he goes on to describe him to be a standard creator god, and then a panentheistic deity… ok… no confusion there.

So any rational arguments for me to accept what you say?


He may still respond, here’s the thread:

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