Meaningless Existence and Philosphy

Meaningless Existence

Without religion, is life meaningless?

As someone who believes that the universe was not created by God, I do not believe in the idea of ‘special creation’. I believe that the universe and life exists simply because conditions happened to be right for them to exist. This means that I do not believe that there is a special ‘purpose’ or ‘meaning’ to the existence of the universe or life inside of it. It simply is.

Due to this belief I am often accused by various followers of various religions of having a ‘bleak’ or ‘depressing’ outlook on life and existence. There are many different reasons for this of course, including the idea that I think that everything is ultimately meaningless. I believe that eventually everything will be destroyed and nothing will ever know that what is happening now ever came to pass.

However, just because I think everything is ultimately meaningless this does not mean that I don’t believe that the moment we exist in is meaningless. In fact I believe that the moment that we exist in, and the moment anyone in the future exists in, is full of meaning. I believe that it makes everything that we are and do incredibly special and full of meaning. I find the idea of ‘special creation’ by God to be the bleak and depressing idea.

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