Conversations with theists and evidence of god

You said, “the Bible provides objective evidence of God’s existence”

The bible is not evidence of GodThe bible is evidence that people can write stories.
These stories could be used to search for evidence, but unfortunately there is no evidence of any of it, e.g. the world-wide flood.

Plus that whole all of us being descended from Adam and Eve, and then everyone being killed and us all descending from Noah and his family? Really?

Let’s not forget the numerous errors and contradictions in the bible, or any other holy book. If we can find and prove one error, then how do we know any of it to be true?

Your argument against God was the universe seemed so cruel and unjust

This sounds like you were never an atheist. You sound like you were angry at god for an unfair life.

That is not a logical argument at all.
There is no evidence for God, so I don’t believe in God.

All I require is credible evidence. No anecdote will convince me, and they interest me less and less.

I don’t have argument against God… because that is either thinking there is a God to have an argument with, or you are arguing with yourself.

“How did I get this idea of just and unjust”

In the first instance, you learn this stuff from your parents. From Watching/reading about super heroes. From cop shows. From cops. From school. From rules. From being a generally moral person.

If we go back far enough this relates back to our tribal nature again. Survival. If we stole from the tribe we would be pushed out the tribe. We learned that we don’t steal from the tribe.


You make a number of assumptions that don’t have any basis. “A Fish would not feel wet” [in water]. How do you know what a fish feels? How is that relevant? I feel dry when I am not wet, and wet when I am. Just because dry is my default doesn’t mean I don’t feel it, just that it is less noticeable.

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