Ignorance and Knowledge

Firstly we have to define the God that we are talking about. This article is giving my proof that an Omnipotent God CANNOT exist within our Universe, or interact with it if said deity exists outside of it. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about Yahweh, Allah, or any other Omnipotent deity.

Although we can logically disprove specific deities, there has never been a reasonable argument that I have seen from any kind of scientific basis. That is what my argument is attempting to do, and I believe does a relatively good job of such.
Omnipotence in this context is meaning that God has Unlimited Power. In order to have Unlimited Power, it must then have Infinite Energy by definition. Whether this is possible or not doesn’t matter, and I will let you decide your belief on that for yourself.
We exist in a universe of zero total energy. This means that any and all positive energy (such as Matter) is equally balanced by negative energy (Gravity).

Stephen Hawking explains the concept of negative energy in his book The Theory of Everything (New Millennium 2002): “Two pieces of matter that are close to each other have less [positive] energy than the same two pieces a long way apart, because you have to expend energy to separate them against the gravitational force that is pulling them together,” he wrote. Since it takes positive energy to separate the two pieces of matter, gravity must be using negative energy to pull them together. Thus, “the gravitational field has negative energy. In the case of a universe that is approximately uniform in space, one can show that this negative gravitational energy exactly cancels the positive energy represented by the matter. So the total energy of the universe is zero.”

This means, then, that God cannot exist within the Universe. If God existed within the universe, there would be an infinite amount of positive energy, which would then have to be cancelled out by an infinite amount of negative energy. God would create enough gravity to make the entire Universe collapse in on itself. As we can observe that the Universe is still expanding, then God CANNOT exist anywhere within it.

If God exists outside the Universe, then it is unable to interact with it. We can still apply the same rules here as we did previously. If at ANY point God transfers its positive energy into the Universe, then the infinite negative energy which is created still results in a situation in which the Universe collapses.

If God exists outside of the Universe, but is unable to interact with it, then it is irrelevant to the point of not existing, and has no bearing on our reality in any way shape or form.

Original Writing.

Kriss Pyke.

*Work In Progress*