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There is formaldehyde in Vaccinations and Formaldehyde is Poisonous

Formaldehyde is used very early in the manufacturing process to kill or ‘inactivate’ the bacteria, virus or toxin.

Once the antigens are inactivated the formaldehyde is diluted out. It is possible trace amounts may remain in the final vaccine.

Formaldehyde can be harmful in high concentrations, however, there are no health concerns about the small amounts found in vaccines. Formaldehyde can be found naturally in our bloodstream. It helps with metabolism and is present at levels far higher than we would be exposed to in vaccines.

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There is aluminium in Vaccinations and aluminium is Poisonousaluminium in vaccinations

Aluminium is used as an “adjuvant” in vaccines. Adjuvants work to boost our immune response to a vaccine and make it more effective and long-lasting.

Most killed vaccines contain a very small amount of aluminium-based adjuvant. Although aluminium can be toxic in large quantities, no harmful effects are seen with the level of aluminium used in such small amounts in vaccines.

If aluminium was as poisonous as anti-vaxxers like to say it is, do you think we would use it for canned drinks?

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Allergens in Vaccinations

Some vaccinations do contain things people might be allergic to. For example, the Flu and MMR vaccines have small amounts of egg proteins in them. However just because some people are allergic doesn’t make the vaccine unsafe for everyone. It is important to understand the ingredients in your vaccines, you can easily look this up on the internet or ask your doctor.

Summary of Vaccine ingredients

Vaccines need additives to improve the way they work and increase their shelf life (how long they can be kept for). The three main substances added to vaccines are:

  • adjuvants or enhancers – to make the vaccine more effective by stimulating your immune system, making it respond quicker and more strongly to the vaccine
  • stabilisers – to stop the vaccine deteriorating when it is exposed to changes in the environment, such as light and temperature
  • preservatives – to increase the vaccine’s shelf life

Find more detailed information about vaccine ingredients.

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