Podcast: SciPhi (Backlog)

Moral Particularism & Value Pluralism

Moral Particularism and Value Pluralism Do particular circumstances affect the moral value of an action? Are there multiple values to assess when looking at moral judgements? Are there any particular standards we should base morality on or is it just what we feel is right at the time? Joi@kriss, @trolleydave and @davidian for tonight’s ethical discussion in which we explore moral particularism and value pluralism. Moral Particularism and Value Pluralism – The Video This podcast was origionally a live video…

The Problem of Dirty Hands – SciPhi

What is ‘The Problem of Dirty Hands’? We discuss the problem of dirty hands, no, not the german porn star. We question if it is possible to do the “right thing” by doing the “wrong thing”? We also question if that makes the “wrong thing” a “moral action”. If you hadn’t guessed ‘Dirty Hands’ is a term used in Ethics. We discuss the problem of dirty hands through the lens of a few different moral theories, and if it even…

New Atheism and New Atheists w/ Ozymandias Ramses II – SciPhi

We had a discussion of new atheism and new atheists with Ozymandias Ramses II, both from the conception of the term and what it was meant to describe to how it now often used as an insult to a particular group of atheists who demonstrate a number of negative behaviours. This is one of our early video streams converted in to a podcast, so it is definitely rough around the edges but the ocnversation is still well work listening to….