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Want to Help?

We have been asked by a number of our fans and friends how they can help us. We have been quoted as an underground goldmine and free philosophy lessons for folks of all ages.

Answers in Reason is completely funded by our authors, and we aim to always keep it free, as well as keep the site advertisement free.

There are a few things you can do to help us, which would be most appreciated.


Subscribing/Following to any (and all) of our social media (e.g. twitter, facebook) or media (e.g. Twitch, YouTube) really helps us. All it costs you is a click!

Sharing our Posts

Yup, as simple as sharing our posts, either sharing from links we put out on social media or fresh shares really help people become aware of us and what we do.

Also when we go live, sharing links to the streams is really really helpful.


Commenting, both on social media and directly on the site, increases our visibility and allows us to reach more people. Pretty much all comments are authorised unless they are overly offensive or completely off-topic and offensive.

Suggesting Topics

Honestly, we want to know what you’re interested in too. We love the stuff we write and speak about, and will continue to do so, but we’d also love to hear from you. You can contact us on any of our social media outlets, in the comments here, or using the speak-pipe on the right.

Buying our Merchandise

We don’t make much from our shop, $2-$5 per item, and then we get taxed and fees, but having you advertise our site and being proud to wear our logo makes us incredibly happy.

Joining Patreon

We have number of different tiers available, starting from $1, with various benefits per tier. This helps us with a regular income that enables us to cover server costs and maybe one day upgrade our equipment.

Answers On Patreon


At the risk of sounding like a beggar, donation will always help us. You can either use the PayPal links either to the right or the bottom, or do this through streamlabs.

Chatting whilst we are live!

We love audience interaction and read our most comments relevant to the conversation. I say most, because sometimes we miss the odd one. As much as we love doing the podcasts and live streams, what we love more is the engagement we get from you folks, even if you disagree with us.

Use Our Amazon Link

If you’re going to use amazon for anything, using this link will give us a small finders fee and costs you nothing. All you have to do is shop as you usually would:

If you have any questions, want us to go into more detail about something, corrections, critique etc. feel free to leave us a message either under the article/video/podcast on the site, on YouTube, or feel free to DM us on one of our social media accounts.

Want to Watch us Live?

You can watch us live on:

SciPhi Show

The Published SciPhi Show can be found in the following YouTube playlist:

SciPhi Shortz!

We’ve just started a new project called SciPhi Shortz! Essentially 5-15 minute videos going over the basics of a topic in a way that might be more digestible to people that would like to watch the streams, but don’t have 2 hours, so they can dip in and out to the bits that interest them!

SciPhi Highlights

Don’t have time for the longer streams? We’ve got you covered. We created a playlist of various clips and highlights from the stream. These are a combination of interesting segments, jokes and funny bits, questions from the audience and times when we stack it and think you deserve a laugh at our expense.

Fresh AiR Podcast

The Fresh AiR Podcast is still going strong and can be heard in a number of outlets.

For the full experience, we suggest the website: as we provide a number of links to various resources discussed in the article, however, can be seen on a number of podcast outlets such as:  iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play | Spotify | Podplayer – and we are not limited to these either, just search for Answers in Reason or Fresh AiR in your favourite podcast syndication.

Fresh AiR Videos!

Whilst the SciPhi show is quick live videos discussing relevant and current topics, with Season 3 we tried a few different things with Fresh AiR, inclusive of videos taking people through concepts.

These can be found both on the site, and in this YouTube playlist:


At Answers in Reason we provide all our content to you for free, but we do have server costs and would love to be in a position to provide you content more regularly than we do.

As such we have started a Patreon page.

Each Tier has the benefits of the previous tier plus additional benefits

Tier 1 provides basic access to the community. 

Here you will see any of our private blog posts, memes, and anything else we share just to our Patreon. You also get basic access to our discord server.

Tier 2 gives early access

Before we release our articles and podcasts to the public, you get access as soon as they are produced. 

Josh wearing an AiR T-Shirt (Answers in Reason)
One of our patrons, Josh, modelling his lovely AiR T-Shirt

Tier 3 gives enhanced access

We will give you the podcast server address with the ability to listen in to the conversation live, and message us whilst on AiR.

You will receive access to the podcasts before they have been edited. The raw show, including any faux pas, and none of the after-show additions like the soundbytes.

You will also get enhanced access on the discord server, and be allowed to join us on the SciPhi streams. (Subject to availability, we don’t want to crash the server)

And lastly, we will send you an AiR T-shirt after 3 months of membership.

Tier 4 gives pro access

As a dedicated fan, we not only give you all the above (plus free delivery on the AiR T-Shirt World Wide) and additional exclusive content but also we have a circa 30 minute interview, finding out about your life and interests, and what you hope to gain from the community.

There will also be additional gifts from time to time, clothing, mugs, etc. 

Tier 5 gives the Apex of Access

You get all the previous benefits PLUS you get to suggest and cohost a topic for Fresh AiR. (The topic does have to be running with the theme of Fresh AiR, e.g. a Philosophical/Scientific angle of sorts)

Tiers may be subject to review and change in future if required, but you will always be informed in advance.

Feeling Generous?

If you’re ever feeling super generous you can always buy something off one of our authors/streamers Amazon Wish lists to show them you appreciate them.