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Bonus Section – Theism vs Religion

In a recent conversation with some fellow atheists we were discussing the religious demographics in the U.S.

The stats indicated that there were 3% atheists but 23% identified as not having a religion.

In the states there is a definite bias against atheists. Folks may feel safer to identify non-religious rather than atheist. The statement and following statements along the same lines, of “I see belief in a god as religion” were wrong.

Yes, religion does usually revolve around a higher power, but it is actually more about doctrine and practices. That is why you get some Atheist Religions (religions without belief in a god) like Buddhism, Satanic Church, Satanic Temple.

Equally non-religious folks can believe in God/god(s).

This is why we can’t just assume non-religious folk are also atheist. There is not enough evidence to suggest that for definite.

It amuses me how some atheists can be steadfast in requesting evidence from others, whilst not holding themselves to the same scrutiny. The second something vague supports the current topic they are trying to convey, the same level of scepticism and criticism is not applied.

Below is just a small snippet of the conversation.

religion Vs theism, the difference between non-religious and atheism

Of course some people did chime in and agree whilst others disagreed. Even the person above later agreed that belief in God without a formal religion is quite common. Then contradicted their-self by saying they also call themselves Catholic, Christian, or whatever religious denomination.

It wasn’t worth continuing the discussion. The fact is you can have non-religious theists, and religious atheists. Without the specifics you cannot assume someone is one way or the other.

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