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The Morality of Forced/Rejecting Vaccinations.

I’ve written a few articles about vaccinations from the scientific point of view but felt it was time to turn my attention to the morality of the topic; both from the angle of if it is a moral obligation to be vaccinated, and the morality of forcing vaccinations on people. What do we mean by moral? As we discussed on ‘Does morality have a purpose?’ we could see the ultimate purpose of morality is human wellbeing & flourishing. Therefore, anything…

Why Anti-Vaxxers are Right!

Anti-Vaxxers are Right! Vaccinations are bad! Stop persecuting diseases! All biological life matters! The less one is educated or the lower one’s intelligence is, the more easily one could be swayed by emotions and terrified by facts. This fear of the facts creates an aversion to them and strengthens belief in the factoids they are comfortable with. Women are often considered to be more emotional than men, and as such women are (apparently) more likely than men to be anti-vax*….

Common Anti-Vaccination Arguments (Anti-Vaxxer)

Those who are anti-vaccination, or “anti-vaxxers” for short, are possibly some of the most dangerous people on this planet. This is largely due to how they operate with; scare tactics, pseudo-science, and a lack of any real understanding of what they are talking about. When I have been discussing their point of view with them they have often said things like, “You’ll have to meet my friend to explain the science to you as she understands it better than me”….