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More on Beliefs and Justifications

Introduction One of our authors, Davidian, here at Answers in Reason recently published an excellent article discussing the burden of proof on beliefs.  The response to this article by many atheists and sceptics on Twitter was interesting to say the least.  It received an awful lot of pushback, with many arguing that Davidian did not…

The Burden of Proof – Belief vs Claim – Court Room Analogy

I’ve had the “Burden of Proof” discussion many times recently, and a lot of it comes down to semantic issues with definitions of claim & belief, as well as the logic around propositions.

I hope to clear up some of the confusion with this article….

Do we Atheists have a Burden of Proof? – Conflated and Misunderstood Terms: Vol 7

“The burden is on the claimant!”, “I only lack belief so I have no burden”, “I don’t hold a belief as that is a claim” and other phrases are touted by many fellow atheists on the internet. Is this correct, or are we missing some of the picture? This article hopes to discuss What is…

Fresh AiR – S01:E05 – Belief, Truth, and Knowledge

Tonight, we are going to discuss Belief, Knowledge and Truth, and how they can interact with each other and reality. Definitions of Belief, Truth, and Knowledge Belief A proposition you accept as/believe to be true. This does not define whether the belief is rational or not, nor does it define the strength, it simply demonstrates…