Fresh AiR – S01:E04 – Scepticism

fresh air S01E04 Scepticism

Tonight we introduce one of the founders of AiR, Kriss, as a regular Co-Host to Fresh AiR. We delve into scepticism, to find out what it really is. We look in to the key behaviors of a sceptic and when we have failed as sceptics ourselves. Contents of Scepticism A … Continue reading

Confirmation Bias: Fanboys, Fundamentalists, Conspiracy Theorists and our Tribal Nature

cofirmation bias conspiracy theorists fundamentalists and david wolfe

Fanboys, Fundamentalists, and Conspiracy theorists are the prime users of Confirmation Bias. In fact, everyone at some point has operated using confirmation bias based on their cognitive biases, but in most circumstances, you could drop them in to one of the above categories. So let’s start with some definitions of … Continue reading