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Morality and Misconceptions – SciPhi: 018 [Video]

Morality and Misconceptions Morality is a complex topic often discussed on the internet. There are a number of misconceptions surrounding it and as such, I created some “cards” for quick reference based on a number of learnings from a variety of sources and moral theories. W e will be leaning on a number of things we learned from Season 2 of Fresh AiR. As well as leaning on: Does Morality Have a Purpose? On Value Is Value Entirely Subjective? Morality,…

On Morality: Part 1 – Defining Our Terms

Welcome to part one of the series On Morality. In this short series of articles, we will cover the topic of objective and subjective morality, how the various terms are used, and the pros and cons for each stance. This series is a follow on, and supplement to, Davidian’s excellent article on objective morality posted previously, as well as episode three of the Fresh AiR podcast….