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In response to Ra’s ‘What is Atheism?’

I was invited on Cheshire’s live stream ‘A Goblin Reads’ with Dave as she had seen my discussion with Aron about his belief that ‘Rocks are atheist!’ who then wrote a post called ‘What is Atheism?‘ In planning for this, I started reading Aron’s article where he argues why his definition of atheism is the…

Definitional Problems with Lacking Belief

It is commonplace to hear these terms Agnostic/Gnostic as a modifier to atheism these days rather than Agnostic being that withholding judgment position. Please note, atheism and agnosticism are polysemous, and language is defined through common use. What I hope to do is draw your attention to the difference between the colloquial definitions and the normative ones….

Words are funny things!

Words are a funny thing.  They are necessary for advanced communication, but those very same words are the cause of miscommunication.  We can have entire conversations with each other, and sound like we’re talking to other, but actually be having two different conversations.  Often times people are so busy trying to ‘dispatch’ their ‘opponent’, and…

Fresh AiR – S01:E01 – Atheism and Atheists

Welcome to the first Fresh AiR Podcast! We got together to do a sound check and after half an hour of laughing and discussing various topics we decided to just hit record and enjoy the conversation! As such, this show is a little bit of a mish mash so please forgive a few mind blanks…