Tag: Moral Philosophy

Morality, Agency and Intent

Whilst Morality’s purpose seems geared toward human flourishing and wellbeing, as described in the examination of various moral theories in ‘Does Morality have a Purpose?’ there is another component or two that I feel needs to be examined. To discuss this we will be looking at the higher-level moral theories, consequentialism, deontology, and virtue ethics….

Moral Subjectivism and Relativism – Fresh AiR – S02:E02:C11

Tonight we embark on our last chapter of specific moral theories and our penultimate chapter of episode 2. Moral Subjectivism and Relativism We discuss a number of topics around subjective and relative morality. What these terms actually mean. What it would mean if morality was wholly subjective or wholly relative. Common misconceptions folks have about…

Welfarism – Fresh AiR – S02:E02:C06

What is Welfarism? Welfarism is our next consequentialist moral theory, following on from last week’s Preference Satisfaction Utilitarianism. Welfarism is our last consequentialist moral theory in the series, but how does it differ from the others? What are its strengths and weaknesses? What else do we need to know about it? Find out tonight on…