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Introduction to Moral Theories – Fresh AiR – S02:E02:C02

Having discussed morality last week, and personhood the week before we have a fair grounding in what the basis of morality is and who/what it applies to. This episode hopes to lay the foundations of moral theories, how they work, what they mean and will enable us to explore the ethical systems in future chapters….

What is Morality? – Fresh AiR – S02:E02:C01

Tonight marks the first chapter of our first multi-chapter episode. Over the coming weeks, we will be getting deep under the skin of Morality, covering what it is, various moral theories and systems of morality. What is Morality? Tonight’s podcast contains, but is not limited to: Simply put it is principles of right/wrong and good/bad…

Political Philosophy: Sticks and how to use them

Sticks. In the Fresh AiR Podcast, S01 E01, I referred to religion as just “one of many sticks we use to beat each other upside the head”.  I also named a few other sticks, like race, wealth and class. On Twitter I had a discussion with one of the podcasts listeners about these sticks and…