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Fresh AiR – Season 2 – Preseason!

fresh air season 2

Hello and welcome to the Fresh AiR Preseason! I’m Joe, also known as Davidian on Answers in Reason and I thought I would just walk you through what you can expect from Season 2, and inform you about our Patreon site. Season 2 is all about Ethics and Morality, covering topics like personhood, moral theories,…

Fresh AiR – Season 1 – A Different Lens

fresh air season 1

Hello, and welcome to Fresh AiR! – I’m Joe… Words you will have heard a few times if you have already started listening to season one. What is Fresh AiR? ‘Fresh AiR’ is a podcast, hosted by Joe, Martijn and Dave. It is part of Answers in Reason but hopes to bring a fresh perspective…

Fresh AiR – S01:E01 – Atheism and Atheists

fresh air S01E01 Atheism and Atheists

Welcome to the first Fresh AiR Podcast! We got together to do a sound check and after half an hour of laughing and discussing various topics we decided to just hit record and enjoy the conversation! As such, this show is a little bit of a mish mash so please forgive a few mind blanks…

Common Theistic Fallacies


‘Common Theistic Fallacies’ was not only one of Kriss Pyke’s first articles on Answers In Reason but one of the very founding articles. Podcasting I’ve been eager to get back in to podcasting and radio and felt ‘Common Theistic Fallacies’ a great article to start on. Answers in Reason will be offering a number of podcasts…