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Something’s gotta give

Trump. No, this isn’t a Trump article, nor am I going to spend too much time ‘bashing’ him. Rather, he is our starting point for today. You see, some people still think he’s a unique character. An aberration. I disagree. I think he’s more of a symptom of the times. Of our political dialogue. And…

The Faith of Science

Introduction The sun will rise tomorrow.  This seems to be an uncontroversial statement.  The sun came up today, and the sun came up yesterday, and the day before that.  Just as it has for millions of days before that.  Gravity held today, just as it has held since the formation of the universe.  This is,…

Has Atheism Become an Ideology?

Atheism is not a religion. It is just a position on one topic. Whilst the term is polysemous, in some way shape or form it is a negation of the theistic claim. This article hopes to examine how atheism is used as a political tool, and how some atheists have turned it into an ideology….

Common Creationist Misconceptions – Humans, Science and Faith

In today’s society of theists you tend to find you have those who are rather liberal in their attitude to their holy book.

They take it as a metaphor, understand it is dated, written by humans, imperfect, and lean on the good examples it provides.

The other is the fundamentalists, the literalist, the inerrantist. These folks think the Bible, Qur’an or particular holy book is the written word of their deity.

As such, believe it is PERFECT. Without error, 100% factual. No metaphor. The world and humans were created as described in Genesis (or equivalent book) and therefore all evidence of evolution is thrown out.

You do get some theists that are in between these two extreme groups, but thanks to our tribal nature you tend to find people end up going to the proverbial left or right.

This literalist attitude leads to massive misconceptions about humans, science, and even faith.

As with previous CCM Gallaries by Lord Cropes this one tries to answer some of those questions and statements you often get

The Bible is Inerrant! – Biblical Errors – Volume 1: Genesis & Creation

“The Bible is inerrant!” is something quite commonly said in debate. It’s part of the circular reasoning: “The Bible is the word of God, because it tells us so, God is perfect, therefore the Bible is infallible.” We have a number of articles that address things like: Common Theistic Fallacies (e.g. Circular Reasoning) Confirmation Bias…

The Problem with Pseudoscience

 Note: We are republishing this article with the kind permission of Dr. Ben Davis. We highly recommend checking out Dr. Ben’s Fb page Please click here for Dr. Ben’s Facebook page. The Problem with Pseudoscience  So, I try not to rip on my students in general. I especially try to avoid poking fun at them…

The Evolution Of Evolution – From Darwin To Modern Synthesis

Why arguing against Darwinian Evolution is pointless! In my experience the anti-evolution movement loves to spout vitriol at Darwin and his theory. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to explain to opponents in debate that the theory of evolution has not just been Darwinian for around 100 years. Arguing against Darwinian…

Is it true that a scientific theory can be refuted but never verified?

Scientific Theory and the Scientific Method Introduction There are many methods that humanity uses in its quest for knowledge about our existence. Of the many methods used to justify our world views one of those is the ‘scientific method’. Due to its regular ‘success’ at determining information about how the universe works, the ‘scientific method’…

Proof Of The Non Existence Of God

Firstly we have to define the God that we are talking about. This article is giving my proof that an Omnipotent God CANNOT exist within our Universe, or interact with it if said deity exists outside of it. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about Yahweh, Allah, or any other Omnipotent deity.Although we can…

A universe of gods- can science prove god exists

Introduction A common claim is that science cannot reveal gods. However if a god created the universe, this would have a direct bearing on science. This article examines the possibility and implications of a universe created by a god. We examine whether science can prove god exists. When speculating on possible gods we can ask the…