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The YouTube algorithm as an Expression of Power – SciPhi 008 [Video]

Fresh AiR SciPhi - Youtube Show

There are several different ‘dimensions’ of power. When most people consider ‘power’ they think of the idea of some individual or group having the ability to create obedience in another individual or group. Power can, in a sense, be considered as a ‘relationship between and among groups and/or individuals’. While there are many different arguments…

BLM – Part 1 – w/ Artificial Agent – SciPhi 006 [Video]

Fresh AiR SciPhi - Youtube Show

Artificial Agent, aka Martijn, from, discusses Black Lives matter in what is going to be at least a 2 parter. Tonight we discuss what racism is and start to get into systemic racism. AA & Black Lives Matter While I had preferred to jump right into the BLM platform, it makes more sense to…

Do Ridiculous Beliefs Deserve Ridicule? – SciPhi 003 [Video]

Fresh AiR SciPhi - Youtube Show

We so commonly hear our fellow atheists say ‘Ridiculous Beliefs Deserve Ridicule’ but do they? How is that any different to victim-blaming someone for being robbed, raped, or anything else? How do we determine what is ridiculous? Who is the authority on what is ridiculous? What if someone perceives your beliefs as ridiculous as theirs,…