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Don’t Be So Meno to Me! (Part 2) – SciPhi: 031

Return of The Meno Carrying on from Don’t Be So Meno To Me, we discuss how Socrates breaks down Meno’s walls with what has become to be known as ‘The Socratic Method’….

The life worth living; meaning and purpose

“The unexamined life is not worth living”, quoth Socrates in Plato’s apology. By this statement, Socrates shows us the very essence of philosophy and science; To enrich our lives by understanding it, or at least have a kind of fascination with it. It should go unchallenged, that that which fascinates you in whatever way -even morbidly- is something that provides happiness, entertainment or some other kind of joy. In this series of articles under the heading “the life worth living”,…