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Moral Subjectivism and Relativism – Fresh AiR – S02:E02:C11

Tonight we embark on our last chapter of specific moral theories and our penultimate chapter of episode 2. Moral Subjectivism and Relativism We discuss a number of topics around subjective and relative morality. What these terms actually mean. What it would mean if morality was wholly subjective or wholly relative. Common misconceptions folks have about…

On Morality: Part 2 – Subjective Morality

n the last part of this series we discussed, and argued for, certain definitions that were important in any discussion about whether morality is subjective or objective. In this part we will be discussing the topic of subjective morality. In doing so we will cover what it means for morality to be subjective, including how subjective morality is defined, arguments for subjective morality, and rebuttals against subjective morality….

On Morality: Part 1 – Defining Our Terms

Welcome to part one of the series On Morality. In this short series of articles, we will cover the topic of objective and subjective morality, how the various terms are used, and the pros and cons for each stance. This series is a follow on, and supplement to, Davidian’s excellent article on objective morality posted previously, as well as episode three of the Fresh AiR podcast….