Fresh AiR – S01:E03 – Morality

Morality fresh air S01E03

Tonight we delve in to Morality, exploring; The Correct Definitions of Subjective and Objective What is meant by Morality, and what its purpose is How we apply morality in a normative sense The difference between normative and descriptive examinations of morality Arguments for and against Subjective morality Articles Related to … Continue reading

Conflated and Misunderstood Terms – Volume 3: Objective / Subjective – Morals / Morality

Subjective and Objective Morals and Morality

This article is to define and discuss objective and subjective, morals and morality. As with any article on AiR we don’t always agree. Where science is concerned and the evidence is irrefutable we of course accept and believe it to be true. When it is opinion or something philosophical we … Continue reading

Is Value Entirely Subjective?

Is Value Entirely Subjective? When we speak of something’s value we speak of its ‘goodness’ (Crisp, 2016). Where does this ‘goodness’ come from though? Is something good only because an individual bestows goodness upon based upon their preference for it? In order to answer these kinds of questions we must … Continue reading