Tag: Virtue Ethics

Morality, Agency and Intent

Whilst Morality’s purpose seems geared toward human flourishing and wellbeing, as described in the examination of various moral theories in ‘Does Morality have a Purpose?’ there is another component or two that I feel needs to be examined. To discuss this we will be looking at the higher-level moral theories, consequentialism, deontology, and virtue ethics….

Virtue Ethics – Fresh AiR – S02:E02:C10

What is Virtue Ethics? Tonight we discuss virtue ethics, covering topics like: What is a virtue?Which virtue is the most important?How do we apply virtues?If you apply one virtue too much, e.g. bravery, are you still brave, or do you become stupid? And of course we segue into a number of topics inclusive of: DrugsPornCosplayPower…

Virtue Ethics: The Super-Man

So I’ve been challenged by our resident virtue ethicist to apply my learnings from our discussions and season 2 of our podcast (which is currently available on our Patreon, and will be released here soon) to consider the perfect human using virtue ethics. If you haven’t listened to the podcast or been following ArificialAgent’s “the…